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Hollow Metal Doors​

Hollow metal doors permits us the freedom of designs. It is important to have an understanding of materials used and the fabrication process. 
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Door Hardware

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Aluminium Doors

Our Aluminium doors are made with pure  aluminium and we have followed all the safety instrustions so that they can stay for ages.
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Iron Gates

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Kalamein Doors

A door of composite construction, usually having a wood core and clad with galvanized sheet metal, sometimes with panels of sheetrock.
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About Us

Universal Fireproof Door was established in 1900 assuring over 100 years of experience in the steel door manufacturing business. We Specialize in fireproof doors, Gates, high quality Fire Rated Doors and custom sizes in the residential, industrial, and commercial industries. We manufacture doors with 45-minute, 90- minute and 3-hour fire rated. We are a licensed and insured company; UL Listed, NYC MEA Approved, NYC HIC Lic#0924234, Suffolk Home Improvement Lic#HI-61726.


  • U.L., N.Y.C., M.E.A. & Fire Dept.
  • H.I.C. License # 0924234
  • G.C. Licensed #
  • State And City MEB Certified 
  • NFPA 80-1999 “Standard for Fire Doors and Fire Windows”
  • NFPA 252-1995 “Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies” Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety
  • UL10B “Fire Tests of Door Assemblies” Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety
  • UL10C “ Positive Fire Tests of Door Assemblies” Uniform Building Code Standard 7-2 “Fire Tests of Door Assemblies”
  • International Building Code 2000


fire proof door

After customer approval, we proceed with the manufacturing, and installation of the order. We complete everything with the fastest timing out there.

fire proof door

Having problems with your doors? having problems with your lock? Why if you have UFD always at your hand? Give us a call!

fire proof door

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