Hollow Metal Door

We Manufacture, & Install High Quality Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are among the most common types of doors used in industrial and commercial environments. A hollow metal door consists of a steel frame, which has laminated steel panels on both sides. Hollow metal doors often come with a hollow metal frame, which together create a fire rated assembly.


Why Pick Us?

UFD provides thousands of Hollow Metal Door options, including 20-minute fire-rated metal doors and up to 90-minute Fire-rated doors. And because our fire doors are built to fit other interior doors, your Hollow Metal Fire Rated Doors can easily blend with all the doors in your home. We handle doors are available with Fire ratings of 90, 60, 45 and 20 minutes.

NYC Leading Door Manufacturing Company

our Manufacturing team

LockSmith Master

UFD LockSmith, Yendy as been with us for over 15 year. Installing Hollow Metal Door  locks, All over New York City.


Glass Installer

Rosa has been with UFD for many years, installing all of the Hollow Metal Door Windows & Glass.



UFD Welder, Freddy as been welding Hollow Metal Door  together for many years. 

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