Hollow Metal Doors

Manufacturing Of Hollow Metal Doors:

The raw materials for hollow metal doors and frames are steel coils and sheets. At the mills, steel is processed into slabs and “rolled” into coils of varying thicknesses. The thickness of the steel is controlled by adjusting the distance between therollers through which the red-hot steel passes. Asthe steel is rolled, it is spooled into coils. These coils may then be further processed into other types of steels. After the final processing step, the steel is either shipped as a coil or is passed through a series of rollers (leveled) and cut into sheets of a fixed length.

Hollow metal doors permits us the freedom of designs. It is important to have an understanding ofmaterials used and the fabrication process. Thecommon methods of cutting, forming, and assembling for hollow metal products are therefore of concern to the architect. These operations include shearing, blanking, brake forming and welding.

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