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Iron Doors & Gates

Universal Fireproof Doors provides thousands of iron and gate doors  Made in the USA, a robust extended metal screen is included with the Gibraltar security entrance. With this trendy screen door, you’ll get both security and privacy.

Metal Doors

Made in the USA, we manufacture our honeycomb core hollow metal doors are created using the latest technology. They’re made with an extra-strong design and feature a sleek, modern look for interior and exterior applications.

Residential Front Doors

Universal Fireproof Doors provides thousands of fire-rated Residential door and metal apartment door, also exterior doors for apartment building all over the five boroughs and much more, including 20-minute fire-rated metal doors and up to 90-minute. Universal Fireproof Doors manufacture meaning we design anything you desire.

Door Frames

Universal Fireproof Doors provides thousands of fire-rated Metal Frames. Metal frames are used in industrial and commercial hollow metal doors. Hollow metal doors often come with a hollow metal frame. Hollow metal door frames are noted for their rigid toughness, low cost, and ease of installation.

double steel door

Aluminum Doors

Steel is a common exterior door material for a reason. These doors are not only accessible. One of the great things about aluminum doors is that they can be modified to fit any doorway and come with any finish the homeowner wants, avoiding rust and other problems.

Cellar / Bilco Style Doors

When you walk through one of these cellar doors, you’ll feel safer knowing that there’s less risk of smoke or intruder entering your home.

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Over 10,000 doors, available for immediate pickup and delivery. We only have high-quality hardware and doors, including those from suppliers that comply with the Steel Door Institute’s strict guidelines (SDI). We are registered manufacturers of steel doors and frames approved by the SDI.


Our family has over 100 years of collective door company experience. Our friendly sales team are specialists in construction, fire and life protection codes and have first-hand experience of the manufacture and installation of doors. All of our salespeople have years of field experience and are proud to be able to better appreciate the problems and needs of your particular job site.

24/7 Support

If you’re a professional builder in need of doors for a whole project or a company owner who just wants one particular piece of door hardware, we believe in treating every client the same. This is why we have a strategy of no minimum order in place. And if you’re not familiar with commercial doors and terms, you should expect excellent customer service.

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