Warehouse pick up. Now available…

We have every kind of door, hollow or kalamein in its standards sizes available now for every of our customers.
Not to mention our humongous list of frames and hardware ready to take home.

We manufacture and install…

  • Hollow Metal Doors
  • Ribb Stiffened Doors
  • Kalamein Doors
  • Recessed Panel Doors 6-
  • Embossed Panel Doors –
  • Insulated Doors 
  • Elevator Doors (swinging) Bullet Resistant Doors
  • Dutch Doors
  • Stainless Steel Doors
  • Kitchen Doors (double active) STC (Sound Resistant)
  • Doors Arch Top Doors 
  • Automatic Doors
  • Balcony Doors  
  • Architectural Thermal Doors
  • Aluminum Storefront 
  • Sliding doors 
  • Pocket Doors 
  • Wood Doors (interior) 
  • Max Security Doors 
  • Wrought Iron Gates (storm doors) 
  • Patio Doors
  • Cellar Diamond
  • Plated Access Panels
  • Bilco Cellar
  • Roof Hatch
  • Any CUSTOM Size Doors
  • Rolling Overhead Steel Gates


  • Welded frames
  • Knockdown frames
  • Transom frames
  • Side Lite Frames
  • Angle frames
  • Z- bar frames
  • Double Egress frames
  • Elevator Frames
  • Communicating Frames
  • Aluminum pocket frames
  • Stainless steel frames
  • Pair frames
  • Borrowed Lite Frames
  • Window Guards (fixed)
  • AC Guards (fixed)
  • Wrought Iron Railings
  • 4 sided frames
  • View Frames


  • Mortise lock
  • Cylindrical knobs
  • Lever Handles
  • Tubular dead bolts
  • Jimmy proof locks
  • Police locks
  • Cylinders (rim & mortise)
  • Panic Exit device
  • Combination locks
  • Exit Alarms
  • Mul-T Locks
  • Master keys
  • Keyed alike
  • Auth Chimes
  • Peep & chimes
  • Peep Holes
  • Overhead door closers
  • Concealed Closers
  • Spring Hinges
  • Ball bearing hinges
  • Plain bearing hinges
  • Intercoms
  • Cameras
  • Aluminum saddles
  • Marble Saddles
  • 4 sided fixed windows
  • Lite Kits (glass)
  • Fire Rated Lite Kits
  • Grills for Lite’s & Louvers
  • Wrought Iron rails Louvers (fixed vent)
  • Fusible link louvers (fire rated)
  • Flush bolts
  • Weather stripping
  • Bottom Door sweeps
  • Automatic Door sweeps
  • Continuous geared hinge
  • Strike plates
  • Magnetic locks
  • Wall bumpers
  • Door stops
  • Door holders
  • Jimmy bars
  • Latch guards
  • Astragals
  • Rain drip covers
  • View Hardware

Hollow Metal Doors​

Hollow metal doors permits us the freedom of designs. It is important to have an understanding ofmaterials used and the fabrication process. 
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Door Hardware

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Aluminium Doors

Our Aluminium doors are made with pure  aluminium and we have followed all the safety instrustions so that they can stay for ages.
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Iron Gates

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Kalamein Doors

A door of composite construction, usually having a wood core and clad with galvanized sheet metal, sometimes with panels of sheetrock.
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