Material Types

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Hollow Metal Doors: Hollow metal doors are hollow core centered with a honeycomb fire proof material.

Steel Stiffened Doors (Ribbed): Steel stiffened doors are steel doors cored with steel stiffened ribs for maximum security.

Kalamein Doors: Kalamein doors are 26 gauge steel doors cored with a wooden skeleton.

Recessed Panel Doors : Recessed panel doors are kalamein doors with a built in recessed panel fitted with a metal cove moulding and cored with a steel recessed panel.

Welded Frames: typically used for either building into the frame or cementing into place., It is at the installer’s discretion.

Knockdown frames: typically used when the wall is already prebuilt and/or made out of wood/metal studs and sheetrock. Can be either made to wrap/cap the existing wall depth, or the frame can sit flushed (evenly) with the wall depth. It is at the installer’s discretion.

Angled or Z-Bar frame: used when the existing metal frame cannot be removed and is uneven in width; these frames will sit in between the existing steel frame and the new door. It is at the installer’s discretion.


Product Specifications:

  • All our fire rated doors are 1 3⁄4” thick.
  • The top and bottom on hollow metal and steel stiffened (ribbed) are sealed with 16 gauge steel channels (welded in place).
  • All doors are made full flush with the option for seamless edges (inquire cost).
  • UFD does not paint the doors. UFD offers option to prime (grey only) (inquire cost). Final painting should be done by others.
  • Steel hinge reinforcements are welded inside the door edge and are drilled and tapped for fasteners in accordance with ANSI A156.7.
  • The lock edge has a standard bevel and special reinforcement is applied if required by specific type of lockset.
  • Core Thermal Characteristics: U Factor = 0.41 and R-Value = 2.44
  • Physical Endurance/Level: Meets ANSI A250.4 Performance Test, 20gauge; Level B (500,000 cylcles) 18 & 16 gauge; Level A (1,000,000 cylces).